I am an Ottawa-based visual artist. I specialize in mixed media painting and drawing (see every gallery section except I, Canada) and textiles (see the gallery titled I, Canada and Works-in-Progress; Patchwork People, and, "It Takes a Village To Build a Canoe" - photos forthcoming ...).

Each of the galleries on my website represents a different body of work. The imagery in much of my work uses objects and sentient beings as a means to communicate something about myself and my inner world; boats and paddles, insects, animals, cakes and candles, bones. Within each of these series I have developed ideas, honed skills, expressed and journeyed. For me, the act of making is as important as the outcome of what is created.

Marianne Since the development and exhibition of the I, Canada project in 2017 (a collaborative effort between myself and 100’s of elementary and post-secondary students in Ottawa) presented at the Mississippi Textile Museum in Almonte, Ontario, I have grown increasingly interested in the communal aspect of art making. 2018-2019 saw the planning and exhibition of my textile canoe project, titled, “It Takes A Village To Build A Canoe” at the Peterborough Canoe Museum. This piece was a collaborative effort between myself, the museum staff and the general public. The piece was built and displayed at the same time to make the act of art-making accessible to all viewers as participants and to foster the notion that museum art can be displayed as an active work-in-progress.